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March 27 2017

Lekcja  29 
przyjaciele to zbyt duża rzadkość, aby rezygnować z nich z jakiegokolwiek powodu, jeśli są prawdziwymi przyjaciółmi. 
— N. Gemmell
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March 24 2017

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March 22 2017

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“Let’s never come here again because it would never be as much fun.“

Lost in Translation (2003) dir. Sofia Coppola

March 20 2017

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Jeśli dojdziesz do ładu z własnym wnętrzem, wówczas to, co zewnętrzne, samo się ułoży. Rzeczywistość pierwotna tkwi wewnątrz, a zewnętrzna jest wobec niej wtórna.
— Eckhart Tolle
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March 02 2017

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February 26 2017

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well, that didn't work
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July 06 2015


June 08 2015

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- I heard you talking in a sleep last night.
- What were you doing?
- I was just... I was just watching. You seemed... You seemed sad.
- Why didn't you wake me up?
- Iiii... I didn't want to intervene. To see that you were, you were suffering somewhere else. I didn't think that it was my place to drag you out so... I just let you be.
- So you just let me suffer? 

- So you think that people who suffer together will be more connected that people who are content? 
- Yeah. I do.
- It's supposed that if you've been through something, if you've been through something catastrophic. You've been through like... Like a storm or an earthquake together, or something like horrendous
- Yes
- You.. It will bring you closer together?

- But what if they are creating the disaster within themselves?
Tags: florence

May 29 2015

to taki typ człowieka, który gdy się przewróci, to się cieszy, że fizyka działa, jak trzeba
— bash
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lub kogoś.
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